Enjoy Your Delivery Without Pain

Have you ever imagined of delivering a baby without pain? Painless delivery is every woman’s dream. Now it-s possible with Rashmi Hospital Bangalore. Motherhood is the most precious moment of a woman-s life. One side there is the joy of giving birth to the child but in another side afraid of labor pain.


Painless delivery also called as Epidural Analgesia is the technique in which local anesthesia is injected into the nerves carrying pain sensation. The process is fully safe for the mother and the child. In this method, a fine plastic tube is inserted with medicine in the epidural space thus reducing the pain.

Advantages of Epidural analgesia

  • Controls unbearable pain during delivery
  • Suitable for C-section, episiotomy or forceps delivery
  • Gives ample time to rest
  • Can be given to women with PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension)
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduces hyperventilation
  • Facilitates patient cooperation during labor and delivery
  • Promotes safe deliveries

By doing this surgery the women gets full relaxation from pain. For those who are afraid of labor pain, this is the best option. Epidural analgesia is given depending upon the severity of pain experienced by the patient.

The dedicated team of doctors and other staffs of Rashmi Hospital Bangalore ensure Painless Labor and Delivery to patients with the help of latest technology.


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